Who is the most legit youtuber?

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this guy I_dont_die is trolling around this message board talking trash - ZEERO_04
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AirRawr_ posted...

I approve of this post. Out of all the youtube stars, he keeps it real.
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Woody doesn't seem like they type to dashboard, but he's also not putting up score like others every video.
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The guys that did the human centipedes in Blops 1. Those videos were genius.
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trakrunr4evr posted...
Swan3624 posted...

YOLO! GOAT 4 lief!


He is popular that's for sure. I see at least one GOAT clan tag every time I play this game.

Whiteboy didnt invent GOAT,

IMO the most legit is Sandy
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Sandy and xcal.
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the fact that anyone cares is disturbing.
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I watch the ones I used to watch years ago.. Just got back into CoD with this game.

Watch WingsofRedemption, Hutch, Blametruth, xcal, Woody... That's it
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PDXRoverMech posted...
the fact that anyone cares is disturbing.

Wow you just radiate with awesomeness, don't you?
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SomeWhatSUPREME posted...
KYR SP33DY he gives no ****s about k/d or w/l his 1st game of bo2 he continuously killed himself so i doubt he rages, dashboards, or gameplay boost.

Love this guy.
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