Who is the most legit youtuber?

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DerechoLucival posted...
These are some good, albeit lesser known players:

JNasty720- IMO tied with the title of 'best CoD player' with Insomulus. He has gotten two penta moabs during MW3 and has put out tons of 100+'s playing solo. His channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/jnasty720

Insomulus- The other player who is as good as JNasty720. He has incredible aim and plays on a 10, or now 14. He almost got a Quad Moab without Support and uploads plenty of 100+'s. His channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/insomulus

Jars Armada- I've personally played with this guy a lot. He was all over the leaderboards during Black Ops under the gamertag 'z Jars'. He's just as good as ever at this game. He mostly plays League Play. He doesn't that upload often though. His channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/jarsarmada

All 3 of these people seem unreal. Their aim is so perfect. Jnasty plays on what? 8? and Insomulus plays on 14.
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TheEvilOmega posted...
Raging Amish

I find him to be overrated honestly. He complained about the knife in two recent videos of his which is mind boggling, and uses stuff he whines about like assassin regularly.
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xcal. science is on my side
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Xcal is annoyingly legit. He makes me feel like a horrible person for using ghost.
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Minnesotaburns lmao! I die laughing watching John Trollston in action
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veggie530 posted...
xcal. science is on my side

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Those are my faves.
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KYR SPEEDY he gives no ****s about k/d or w/l his 1st game of bo2 he continuously killed himself so i doubt he rages, dashboards, or gameplay boost.

He cracks me up... "Hey girl, can i get a picture of you so i can show Santa what i want for Christmas?" hahaha
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Incredible Orb beasts every game. In fact he is streaming right now.

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ITT: People enjoying Jnasty720 and MinnesotaBurns.

The hell is wrong with you people.
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