13 day ban for offensive emblems

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3 years ago#161
You got banned cuz Satan hates you.
The worst mistake a game developer can make is listening to the community. Halo Reach, Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 are the ending result.....enough said.
3 years ago#162
LOL GOOD. People like you deserve it. Love stupid people lol.....i get to read and laugh at things like this. XD
3 years ago#163
Lames make offensive emblems
Treyarch bans them
Lames complain
Treyarch doesn't care because they know it won't stop these same people from buying DLC on day one

Treyarch has to laugh hysterically every time they ban someone....
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3 years ago#164
Dr_Throatpunch posted...
imthestuntman posted...
Dr_Throatpunch posted...
I don't know why it matters if someone's emblem is offensive. Is the game rated E or M?

its rated M for blood and violence. and it matters because i dont want to see genitals and swastikas constantly when playing a video games. and luckily its against the rules for those to be in the game through player created content and thats realistically all that matters,

Then they should ban people for saying those things in-game.

Not that I care, I guess, since it is their game to do as they see fit with. It's just that doing one and not the other is like censoring the covers of only half of the DVDs in a porno store.

they can. right above offensive emblem on the report list is offensive language.
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3 years ago#165
FeelMyBlade posted...
People defending offensive and immature emblems?

You can tell who the kids are in this topic.

Meh, this topic is tired and played out. Stop with the stupid emblems. We get it. You enjoy pistol wielding dolphins splooging on a bent over woman in a thong with a swastika tattoo on her rear, while high 5ing another pistol wielding dolphin next to her face, with "Ha Ha UMad bro YOLO" in a comic style quote. (Did I forget anything)

You have NOTHING on the awesome iron man angry bird emblem I saw today.

But i say all that just to say this. BROHOOF (\
KCCO & Mind the gap
3 years ago#166
now if 3arc is eu, boobs will be the norm and guns are the source of evil and murrica thinks the opposite.

im not cool with either
this sig sucks
3 years ago#167
If you are dumb enough to have an emblem that can get you banned then you deserve it. Now, i could care less what emblem people have but others do so you are asking for it.
3 years ago#168
I report everyone, even friends, for offensive emblems. It's stupid, its childish, and its against TOS.
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3 years ago#169
flame030191 posted...
I report everyone, even friends,

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3 years ago#170
SerialVandal posted...
Wow, and all this time I thought everyone I was reporting was only getting their emblem privileges taken away. This is WAY better! :D

I shall redouble my efforts to ensure that no naughtiness escapes my sight!

(This games net code makes it so unplayable for me that reporting emblems is honestly more fun that the actual game)
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