Ask a guy who called in 3 K9 Units in one match anything

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KojaxFX posted...
I never get games where i play vs total noobs, It is really close usually in my games like I usually end up going like 27-7 lol

You will find those matches bro no worries :)

RiverofDenial posted...
Did you buy all the corners you sat in dinner afterward?

Nope since no corners were satted on
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Where do K9s come from on Hijacked?

Do they show up in scuba suits?
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have you ever had a GF? Will the world end on 12-21-12? Who will win X-Factor? How much Mountain Dew do you do?
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Had one of these games last night, joined in late on a game of DOM and went 41-4, the first four were before i found my groove. After that it was KAP 40 annihilation. GG though OP. I wish you many more to come.
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Where did I put my truck keys?
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