List your k/d from every cod game you have played.

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User Info: Chaosdriver

4 years ago#1
Since everyone is saying that their k/d is worse in this game lets see how much of a drop off it really is.
Funny how you are always to old to play games until a new one you like comes out...

User Info: bagmup

4 years ago#2
Cod4 - 1.20
W@W - 1.30
MW2 - 1.40
BO1 - 1.60
MW3 - 1.60
BO2 - 1.15 :'(
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User Info: ICantNameGud

4 years ago#3
MW2 - 1.3
Black Ops - 1.8
MW3 - 1.4
Black Ops 2 - .99

I really should play with friends lol.
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User Info: Cow King

Cow King
4 years ago#4
Mw1: 1.67.
Bo: 1.5.
mw3: 1.3.
bo2: 0.3.

To be fair, this was a move to the pc platform for me for bo2
The greatest victory isn't by points or kill/death ratios. It's causing your opponent to rage-quit.

User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#5
CoD 4 - 1.3

MW2 - 1.9

Black Ops - 1.9

Black Ops 2 - 1.6 and rising
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User Info: aBloodOrange

4 years ago#6
COD4: 1.9something. Can't remember.
MW2: 2.0
Black Ops: 2.76
MW3: 2.30
BO 2: 1.74 :(

User Info: WOT BS

4 years ago#7
4 1.00
w@w 1.4
mw2 1.5
bo 1.6
mw3 1.8 (closer to 1.9)
bo2 1.5 :(

but my BO2 k/d is way inflated because in the other games my strategy was take point racking up some kills untill i got 3/4 kills (always harldine ALWAYS) then played defensively to get high streaks

in this game its play defensively to avoid being killed by SMGs / shotguns and that doesn't always work
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User Info: macriley05

4 years ago#8
cod4: 2.0 ish
WaW: 1.? bad.
MW2: 2.5 ish
BO1: 2.25
MW3: 2.99
BO2: 1.7ish
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User Info: raymanfan1

4 years ago#9
BO1: probably like 0.2
BOD: 4.1
BO2: 0.5
CoD2BRO: Proabably like 126.7
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User Info: squidcow

4 years ago#10
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  3. List your k/d from every cod game you have played.

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