Ceasefire Friday in honor of Newtown

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I'll won't watch anything media related Friday, how about that?
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Afghan_Whig777 posted...
This cease fire is moronic.

This is like the day of silence for that gay kid who was hung up on the gate, even though he was a little ***** that was murdered for drug related issues, he just happened to be gay

I'm sorry, but if you have kids, tell them how much you love them, not this idiotic form of protest/respect

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Lawlz @ everyone participating in this. Nobody is impressed, you aren't a unique special snowflake and believe it or not, you aren't helping anyone! This is a stupid pointless gesture. People defend that violent video games don't cause this, but to celebrate a week later we'll stop playing an online shooter to "honor" the victims? That's pure, unadulterated stupidity.

The only reason anyone is participating in this so they can saythey participated in it. Trying to gain social respect points of the backs of dead children. It's disguting, and you should feel bad.
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I think it would be better if everybody joined games like usual just didn't didn't shoot eachother. Have footraces and long jump contests. Or Marco Polo with flashbangs.
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ffgameman posted...
I don't believe that playing video games causes violence - it's mainly a scapegoat for larger issues.

Yet you will take part in this "protest?"

Look, people are brutally murdered <bold>every single day</bold>. Maybe it's not in our country, maybe it's not the nearest country to you, but stuff happens and life moves on. People will continue playing no matter the protest. It's like people protesting black friday or christmas or drinking caffeine... You might think you'll be making a sound, but nobody is going to hear you.
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Reminds me of how they once again tried to blame video games for the roots of these problems on CNN earlier today.
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lol no
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ffgameman posted...
I don't believe that playing video games causes violence - it's mainly a scapegoat for larger issues.

However, I will be taking a break from Call of Duty for "Ceasefire Friday" - spend one day without playing an online shooter in honor of the Newtown victims.


you're so noble to be so altruistic.
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Lord_TenseEye posted...
This is pretty stupid. How many Iraqis and Afghanis have died over the 10 years since they've been "liberated"?

What about a ceasefire for them?

Before some jackass brands me as insensitive, no I'm not insensitive. I do feel for the victims but this is just dumb.

Dude. The US is dead. Isn't that enough for you guys?


UGH. The shame of it is, a lot of my favorite comedians are from overseas. So I know for a fact that some of you got a sense of humor.

Apparently, not a whole lot though.

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Not playing a shooter game for a day will accomplish nothing, the same as stricter gun laws will accomplish nothing since criminals don't care about laws anyway.