How old are you?

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4 years ago#31
JVel91 posted...
Turned 21 in August. Made it to 3 bars before I blacked out and taxid home lol. . .

So close, but to play this game, you really need a 4bar
4 years ago#32
21 and I don't drink
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4 years ago#33
I do not aim with my hand, I aim with my eye. I do not shoot with my hand, I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun, I kill with my heart.
4 years ago#34
Oh, and 22 years old!
4 years ago#35
ArtisticChic posted...

I'll be 18 in a few months :P

I am not changing this signature until Mewtwo/Dr. Mario is confirmed for Smash 4.
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4 years ago#36
if you want to join the Bar With No Name just PM me :)
4 years ago#37
4 years ago#38
Mini Mii | noone curr
4 years ago#39
I get the senior citizen discount.
Anti-Noob Fortress of Veteraness Council Member
4 years ago#40
20, but I forgot and voted 19 >_>
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