How old are you?

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4 years ago#71
21. Still haven't gone to a bar, but I have gotten mad wasted several times since.
4 years ago#72
33 here
4 years ago#73
supercoolisaac posted...
20. Turning 21 in a month :)

Same =)
GT: ShamefulFool
4 years ago#74
25. Would have been better to include fewer options and break it down in like 3 year categories IMHO, but my hindsight is 20/20
4 years ago#75
Currently Serving: United States Air Force (Sensor Operator: Predators)
4 years ago#76
OrlandoMagician posted...
I bet a good 1/3 or more who said over 22 are lying. I consider "kids" anyone under 16, but then again, there are adult COD players who act like children

I find it incredibly ironic that you consider a kid someone under 16.

I'm 38, a geezer, but you kids keep me spry.
4 years ago#77
2 and a half!!! Now where is my milk mummy!
4 years ago#78
From: ziadon | #077
2 and a half!!! Now where is my milk mummy!

Nice account.
GT: Lenient Puddle
4 years ago#79
"This kid Danny Fortson reminds me of a kid named Kevin McHale." - Tommy Heinsohn
4 years ago#80
Asyred_Saclum posted...
DKrypton posted...
20. Turn 21 in may.


Don't you dare tell me that your birthday is May 27th..

Haha nah mang it's on the 1st. Mayday yo.
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