i urge u to sell violent videos games like this game, call of duty

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I hate you and this kid

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7th grader with crappy parents that buy M rated games for them instead of sitting down and playing Uno or catch or something with them.

Gee, I wonder why crap like this happens? Seriously, parents will blame anything on this planet avoid the realization that the person that ultimately screwed up was them.

I find it hilarious that every time something like this happens, violent video games get blamed. I was working at Best Buy when MW3 came out. A majority of the people who bought the game were parents for kids that were 14 and under. Every time I mention that it's a M rated game not suitable for anyone under 17, and every single time I was told "oh, my kids mature enough to play this" or "i raised him well enough". Clearly, if the fall back is to blame video games when something goes wrong, parents are wrong on both counts.
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Maybe he should start a campaign to get parents to start parenting. Or lock the crazies up.

If he was halfway intelligent he would sell the games and get money instead of throwing them away. At least get something out of it.
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Maybe if parents didn't buy M rated game to babysit their 12 year old snowflake,it wouldn't be a problem.

Violent games, like violent movies and violent sex are for adults.
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This takes me back to the rage over GTA when Vice City released. This nt THE solution. I dnt know what the number one cause is bt parenting is either first or second.
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its human nature we just came from the trees not too long ago after-all we are just mammals go watch the discovery channel violence is part of the circle of life so stop blaming games, books, films those are entertainment...
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Why the hell does a 7th grader have these games in the first place? Of course M-rated games might have a bad effect on your spoiled, ADHD 8-year old. Quit blaming media on this when the real culprit is bad parenting. Don't expose your kids to this stuff.

And yes, before you comment that you've been playing these games since you were 5, and you're fine now; I get it. But most kids just shouldn't be seeing this stuff, and they shouldn't be exposed to a community like this.
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Even I they didn't make a new one people would still play the older titles so what's the point?

u would obviously be throwing away those too :^)

People who act like yourself genuinely, do not visit GameFAQs and navigate their way to the BO2 board to make threads like this.

Rethink your life.

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"CBS 2ís Lou Young met one seventh grader"

I've been out for school for 7 or 8 years now, but in Grade 7 I think I was 13 or so. Not the 17+ M rating the ESRB has suggested.

Oddly enough, I didn't see a link to the "Seventh Grader's Parents Slammed for Allowing Child to Play 17+ Games".
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Anyone who thinks violent video games cause deviant, violent or otherwise antisocial behavior needs to take a look at history. People were killing each other long before video games.

If they DO cause people to imitate what they do in games, why haven't we ever heard people of smashing bricks and stomping on turtles because they were exposed to hours of it in Mario Brothers?