I've yet to run into a single person using a shotgun that was legitimately good

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reseacher2000 posted...
870 is ez mode finished that gun quickly. S12 one shots..... i would train a lvl 1 metapod than that gun challenge

Hahaha if you think that's hard, try getting the one shots on the M1216. That was the worst.
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supercoolisaac posted...
BoyWitArabStrap posted...
pretty sure i'll own you with my art of war ksg.

I call it my Lao Tzu-Looper-Mushroomhead class.

I don't even know what that means. lol.

Art of war is my favorite camo though.

Well, it's Lao Tzu, because of the Art of War cam.

It's "Looper" because it's the shotty that's most like the shotgun from the film Looper.

And I put on a silencer, a reference to "Mushroomhead" the nickname of No Country From Old Men's villain Shigur.

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PS: Remington 870 is wayyyy to easy to do good at. Any fool can own like no other with that gun. It's like the M10 whatever from MW2.
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You've obviously never run into me in this game. And if you had, I'd honestly be afraid...
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Kunosachiaka posted...
You've obviously never run into me in this game. And if you had, I'd honestly be afraid...

I wouldn't mind running into you :3
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I think the issue is that the shotguns just magnify the hatred for those who play like female dogs. I don't have any general hatred for shotgun users though.
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ThisIsMithos posted...
supercoolisaac posted...
I swear the only reason 95% of people use shotguns is because they're not good enough with other kinds of guns. They rely on getting lucky one shot kills. Only a handful i've ever seen go positive.

This is not me complaining about shotguns being OP or something. I'm talking about the guy who goes 8-25 and his 8 kills are lucky 1 shots because he was sitting in a corner. Or better yet, the guy who blindly rushes with horrific aim but gets those lucky kills. That's the best.

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GandalfTehGray posted...
Could it be they check your stats before the game realize that they can't be bothered with using the outclassed shotguns in this game and put on their try hard pants?

I do this a lot. Check lobby leaderboards before I start a match and adjust my classes accordingly... Nice name btw.
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Hey, I'm good :<

I can't prove it to you though - different platforms.
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Wow, I thought we were friends Joel. 3 Bar for life!
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