In honor of Gun Shooting VICTIMS , DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME

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thepwnis posted...
in the autopsy they found water in his system

ban water

Haha, this is gold^
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we as Gamers are not going to sit back and ignore the lives that were lost.
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It's really pathetic that you have to use something as serious as a shooting that killed innocent kids to troll on an internet forum.

Shows that you're really a pathetic it.

Seriously just pathetic how(Stops before Mods comes in)
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So, I'll admit I didn't read a thread which I assume is mostly just trolls and flaming.

But I did want to comment on the irony of the NRA, an organization dedicated to protecting the 2nd Amendment, attacking the 1st Amendment in an attempt to insure their rights are not infringed upon.
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This guy is the most successful "Bad Troll" I've ever seen...

Seriously people. If you're going to feed a Troll, at least feed an entertaining one like Kitty Heart.
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Macdaddyruss1 posted...

I do not support the shootings

Wow, you sure are taking a controversial stance there!
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investigators found video games and other electronics during their search of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza’s Newtown home. British newspaper The Sun reported Tuesday that Adam “lived in the basement,” and played video games there, including Call of Duty
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