C/D Warthog sucks

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4 years ago#21
Its a scary tool of destruction....

Unforunetly, i have no desires to let an enemies hog fly... so i use two Hacker Devices to bring it down.
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4 years ago#22
I used it in a Hardcore game and it kept killing my own teammates until I got booted off.

It sucks.
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4 years ago#23
Bio NeoHazard posted...
I used it in a Hardcore game and it kept killing my own teammates until I got booted off.

It sucks.

Any explosive KS suck in HC.

I've been booted from games because my HK's were slamming into team mates.
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4 years ago#24
It only sucks if you're on the receiving end.
4 years ago#25
XiahouBa301 posted...
Regardless of rather it sucks or not it's badass.

sounds scary in my tbeaches xla
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4 years ago#26
AngelicTouch99 posted...
Its not only situational its completely useless on maps like Express

Thats not really saying much, pretty much everything is useless on Express. Lodestar? check. Swarm? check. VTOL warship? Check. Stealth chopper? Check.

Its what you get for making a map that is 95% building.

Basically, the warthog is only good on open maps, just like the lodestar.
Iron will pokemon
4 years ago#27
Its usually pretty OP.

They need to do something about being able to shoot it down though, black hats work fine IF you can lock on to them which is a pain in the ass in certain maps, but FHJ missiles do NOTHING because the warthog flies faster then they do.

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