ITT: post your k/d AND your spm

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User Info: Velociswagger

4 years ago#71
Grammatik_Ja posted...
Velociswagger posted...
3.25 KD
539 or so SPM

Your K/D isn't accurate when you glitched to 11th, and your actual SPM is 350. Nice try though.

Then why is my KD and SPM going up?
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User Info: adeadfox

4 years ago#72
3.55 KD 496 SPM all solo domination/ground war

User Info: G4M3_OV3RCoD4

4 years ago#73
2.37 (was 2.50 last night until I had to do the stupid Gold challenges)
360 (trying to get this up, I rush around but it doesn't seem to go up, I mostly play KC)
GT:I Teach Lessons || Browner nose than Dr.Baus.

User Info: Overd0s

4 years ago#74
2.37 and about a 245 spm, i basically only play TDM

i think there are only 3 people higher than me on my friends list when it comes to score per minute in tdm and i have never ever seen someone over 310 on overall spm in tdm only
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User Info: Worthz

4 years ago#75
2.84 536
GT: Cooky27
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