Honestly, I think SPM should be paid attention to rather than KD

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What if you play SnD?
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You don't care about K/D?

So you reset your stats because your SPM was too low? I bet lol.
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#43cheebsyPosted 12/28/2012 1:11:26 PM
As I said in a topic last night... If your spm is too low your kdr loses credibility. My spm is only a little low at 264 now but keeps going up. If you're under 220 you need to change the way you play. Oh and my kdr is up to 2.22 now
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Andarist posted...
You don't care about K/D?

So you reset your stats because your SPM was too low? I bet lol.

Good assumption but no. I resetted because I had a 1.1 KD from playing 3-bar connections at a friend's house. Just awful.

When I noticed my SPM was high, THAT'S when I started saying SPM should be paid attention.
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#45fatclemenzaPosted 12/28/2012 1:13:23 PM
Its hard to do things that increase your SPM when you're dead and running back to the action. High K/D and kill total should = high SPM.
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Oh this topic again. Again the conclusion is: it depends on the gametype. I play ffa and my spm is 400 which is very high for that mode.
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#47cheebsyPosted 12/28/2012 1:18:06 PM
Unless you're playing search it doesn't really matter the mode. Sure certain objective gametypes it may be easier to get more points but not that drastic a difference. Kills are always worth 100
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If you wanna see a good KD and SPM, look at oH iRecK on Elite. He is ridiculous. 1.92 and 576
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Anyone else find it absolutely ridiculous that the leaderboards are based off of spm?

Not really, the game is based off of score. Those with the highest SPM are generally the ones that contribute the most to the team. Getting a lot of kills doesn't mean you're getting the highest scores, especially since kills from scorestreaks are weighted less. What scorestreaks do that is important is keep the enemy from gaining scorestreaks and reaching objectives. SPM is meant to level the playing between players with high K/Ds and the other players who'll probably never get those high K/Ds, yet still contribute greatly to team victories.

Exactly, even base it off a 10 minute game type.

500 SPM will gain 5000 score
330 SPM will gain 3300 score

Typically whom has more score wins the game. (besides for SPM abuse such as EMP grenades... lasts way too long and way too large of a radius and thru walls for 50 score per assist)

Its quite easy to end up 17-33 with 8000 score in some games, while someone else on your team is 35-11 with only 4500 score. Sure he helped out (forcing people to respawn away) but never really touched an objective so theres a large chance that he will lose the game, and his SPM shows that.

You wont ever end up with 8000 score going that bad. My SPM is 455 and I can only keep it even by going good K/D wise. I spam EMP's, C4, roll UAV/CUAV/VSAT, and if you don't have a good K/D AND play the objective, you won't consistently stay above 400. (I only have a 1.46 K/D, but I don't think that represents what I do to help the team well)

Lets take hardpoint as an example. I get, on average, 11-14 captures and 8-12 defends. Lets say that particular game I went 17-33, which means I was charging the HP and getting kill before reaching it or getting killed inside it a lot.

12 captures 2400
10 defends 1250
7 others 700

4350 score. Now add: EMP, UAV/CounterUAV/Guardian Points, Random assists, scorestreak destruction (with me feeding kills, there will be sentry guns)

That easily jumps score to 6000-6500

A 35-10 person with 0 captures, 2 defends (i see this freqently) would have

~25 normal kills: 2500
~10 scorestreak kills: 250
Little to no assists, EMP grenade assists (no deaths no resupply), but probably UAV assists so maybe 500 score.


I know I was using just thrown out numbers in my example; here is more detail but it clearly shows someone with a lower KD (by a lot) ending up with a lot larger Score because of forcefully only going for objectives (and using score abusing EMP grenades every death).
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From: BluesSoul617 | #048
If you wanna see a good KD and SPM, look at oH iRecK on Elite. He is ridiculous. 1.92 and 576

Or like everyone else said we could look at Insomulus at 800 and 4.X, or Ronaldinho at whatever he's at now.
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