What do you have gold so far?

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User Info: ICantNameGud

4 years ago#21
Rapaleeman posted...
I have all of the shotguns gold. I also have all but Kap40 gold though that should be finished this weekend.

I don't care to get anything else gold. Honestly I only got the shotguns gold because it was pretty easy. I only want the pistols gold so I can have a diamond Executioner. I find most of the gold/diamond camos to be gaudy. I prefer the weapons with no camo though the alternating gold/diamond magazines on the Five Seven are pretty unique.

You don't like the last 2 headshot camos? They're like no camo, but with more style.
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User Info: fkdfeller

4 years ago#22

Working on AR's and the Assault shield but i can't pull myself away from Minecraft

User Info: onthefly350yard

4 years ago#23
The MP7, MSMC, PDW, Skorpion, Vector, and working on the headshots for the Chicom CQB right now. I want all the SMG's diamond since that's all I play with normally. I might try to get the crossbow diamond after I hit prestige master and are bored with the game...
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User Info: Sitrus_Daora

4 years ago#24
All Launchers
All Specials
DSR .50

Working on the Executioner now, with a little bit of the Saiga-12.
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User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#25
All shotguns, SMGs and ARs.
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User Info: motoraptor

4 years ago#26
Diamond SMGs and shotguns

User Info: DjDezzy

4 years ago#27
All of the SMG's and all of the LMG's. Think I'm done though. They're all I ever use.

Oh! Also the first shotgun. Forgot it's name.

User Info: Solstice_

4 years ago#28
Type 25

PDW is next after i get 4 or 5 more Thirsty's.
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User Info: SaturdayChild7

4 years ago#29
1st KSG
2nd M27
3rd FAL

User Info: Noctaire

4 years ago#30
All the pistols, and most of the SMGs. Missing just the Vector but that is pretty close. Then moving on to shotguns or snipers. Saving Assault rifles for last I think..
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