What do you have gold so far?

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4 years ago#31
All shotguns, Fal, and the MP7. I'd like Diamond snipers next.
4 years ago#32
All ARs, shotguns, the MP7 and the combat knife
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4 years ago#33
All SMGs except Chicom
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4 years ago#34
All of the ARs and the MP7.
4 years ago#35
Gold FAL
Diamond shotguns.
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4 years ago#36
ICantNameGud posted...

You don't like the last 2 headshot camos? They're like no camo, but with more style.

Nope. Not at all. Most of the guns have them applied in the most ridiculous way possible that any of the camos either show off too much and look dumb or don't show enough and look pointless.

I prefer the default look of most of the guns. Some of them have some odd accessory choices (the 870 and the MTAR have too much clutter on them for instance).

I do really like the Diamond Executioner which is why I want it. The diamond cylinder is a nice contrast to the gold body plus it is a really terrible weapon.

Personal preference I suppose.
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4 years ago#37
Here's what I don't have gold: HAMR, fhj, rpg, five seven, executioner, b23r
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4 years ago#38
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4 years ago#40
Type 25

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