Score per minute, whats yours?

#11known2FAILPosted 12/28/2012 5:34:31 PM
I knew FMGs would be OP before the game came out:
#12PavlovaOfFearPosted 12/28/2012 5:59:54 PM
450 ish
All 33 gold guns in MW3 + 2500 Desert Eagle kills.
#13flagg2kplusPosted 12/28/2012 6:30:24 PM
Making guns illegal will end gun violence right? They should make murder illegal too. No more murder. They should make rape illegal! No more rape! Drugs too...
#14fatclemenzaPosted 12/28/2012 6:33:07 PM
382 almost only KC

"Good" depends on the game mode, and even then you'll get tons of different opinions on what good is.
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