In FFA I got to get 5kills just to use UAV. Why does Treyarch hate FFA players?

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GamingAnt posted...
Use a different scorestreak, problem solved.

No. UAV+Lightning Strike+Quadrator=10+ Kills
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From: GamingAnt | #010
Use a different scorestreak, problem solved.

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Everyone called the UAV overpowered when MW3 came out. Black Ops 2 made it harder to get one, since the perk to counter UAV was put as the last unlock.
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UAV should have never been nerfed to begin with, there are already enough counters for it and they rarely stay up anyway.
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GamingAnt posted...
Use a different scorestreak, problem solved.

Discontinue posting.
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muffinmasher posted...
This, and the lack of a portable radar device are the reasons I can't play FFA in this game.

Sensor Grenades + Scavanger D:
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Non of my friends play video games so i play ffa exclusively, and for this fact alone i hate scorestreaks. They are useless in ffa and tdm. They need to buff the points per kill to like 125 or 150 in those modes. Pretty stupid imo

OR BRING SPECIALIST BACK AND ILL BE EXTREMELY HAPPY. Seriously the only thing mw3 did right was left out of the game.
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From: Hagan | #017

What for? This terrible games lets you have extra perks without even earning them with kills.
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I don't know why people ever complain about UAV anything. Don't you people have eyes? Can't you find enemies without the use of your radar crutch? CoD has spoiled so many players with the UAV.
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agree - VSAT and blackbird are the same. however, VSAT's 12 and Black bird is 8. K9 Unit and Dogs are the same too, except thats 17 kills vs 11.
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