It's Amazing How Many Times I Apparently Walk RIght Past People

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grishow1 posted...
I like looking out a door then turning around to go the other way and what do ya know I'm dead. Replay shows me looking out the door right at an apposing player then turn around and get shot in the back

This ^^^^^^
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From: GHTHPS | #005
it's lag + horrible FOV

PC has 90 degree FOV and it happens just as often, sadly.
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GHTHPS posted...
it's lag + horrible FOV

this. the fov in this game is so awful i can't believe it hasn't been mentioned more

you're constantly running around with perma tunnel vision. it's why SO many times people will be literally inches from each other, some trying to knife, some trying to shoot, with everything missing as they frantically keep turning, trying to find the other person

like i don't even know how something like that got past testing

Just pretend your protective kevlar helmet obstructs your FOV.
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I've always had a problem with fov in fps. There never seems to be enough peripheral vision, nit sure if it's a design limitation or not, would be nice to expand it.
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It seems to be more lag than FOV. When it happens to me the dude is in the center area of my screen, not the edges.
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Funniest thing that's happened to me was also on Turbine. I was sniping across the map and heard a shot fired from another sniper pretty close by. I look to my left and there's an opponent sniper literally crouched two feet away from me also sniping!
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It's not lag at all, it's the horrible FOV.
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I can attest to it being FOV
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