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I found this on another forum, this seems pretty legit.

Green Run:
Die Rise - Breslua Germany

Nuclear Plant

In Die Rise, you start of on a hill in the middle of a field surrounded by fog. There is a tree on the hill with Quick Revive right in front of it, and there are two pickets around the base of the hill, one with the M14 and the other with the Olympia. Zombies will come out of the fog and attack you. You can step foot into the fog, but you will be attacked by Denizens. This hill is basically the central hub of the map, all of the areas are located around it. The bus in this map has been replaced with a wagon ride, once again piloted by T.E.D.D. except this time wearing a farmer's outfit. The wagon will come by the hill at round 5 (I think) and if you get onboard he will take you to one of the 4 areas that make up the map. The wagon travels along dirt trails that run through the field. (the field is very big by the way and I've already found some secrets in it, such as a crashed fighter jet)

The title is self-explanatory, this area is a cityscape environment. There are a few points of interest here. First and foremost is the skyscraper. This building contains Speed Cola, a box spawn, and a few other things. The roof area is where the PaP can be found. You can navigate the different floors with the elevator. There are 5 or so different floors including the roof area. There is also an unfinished building in the city which was obviously under construction when the apocalypse occured. In there you can build the Headlamp using a hardhat and a flashlight. Wearing it lets you see your way through the fog easier and makes you immune to Denizens when you have it switched on. I think it also causes more zombies to come after you but I can't say for sure. There are also a few small buildings that don't need to be opened which have weapons in them. Last but not least there is a small park area, which is where you'll find another box location and Double Tap Root Beer. Something interesting here is a toppled statue of Adolf Hitler.

This area is a simple rural village, with a windmill, a well, a few houses and some farmland. Nothing too important here except a box location, Juggernog and Deadshot. This place seems to be the best for running trains.

As you might guess, the main point of interest here is the power. The plant is one of those big white tubular structures. You can head down some stairs and open a door to get inside the underground facility. In here you'll find a box location, Mule Kick, and the power switch itself, which thankfully doesn't need to be built. There is also an under-construction atom bomb in the center of the facility.

So yeah, that was just a brief description of the map. Obviously you can't get the full effect by just reading my breakdown of it, but from what I've played I really like it. I haven't played much so it's extremely likely that there's a lot more content than what I've seen already. The city is the only area I've really explored in. There are definitely a lot of secrets to be found in this very large map. If you have any questions about the map post a comment and I'll do my best to answer. And no I won't post a vid or pics, as that'll probably get me IP-banned. Not to mention I have nothing decent to record it with.

Supposed Achievements
I Can See Clearly Now - In Die Rise, clear all the fog.

Don't Rock the Boat - In Die Rise, complete an entire cycle in the wagon without it being damaged.

Anonymous! - In Die Rise, kill a zombie using only the Black Hat.

Where It All Started... - In Die Rise, discover the Giant.
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Like I said I would, I double checked if the toppled statue in the park was actually Hitler, it is. Not gonna judge whether that's right or wrong to put in a game, but he has appeared in other games such as Wolfenstein and I even remember him making a cameo in WaW.
Ok so here's some new info:
The Black Hat can be obtained from the box and behaves much like the hacker from Moon. The achievement/trophy files indicate you can kill a zombie with it but so far I haven't been able to do so.
Unfortunately I haven't seen any signs of a wonder weapon. It may be a buildable again cause besides the hacker, I haven't seen anything new in the box.
On the roof of the skyscraper you'll find the PaP. It doesn't have to be built this time around.
The Death Machine is back! It is the BO2 version of the Death Machine of course and is as fun to use as ever. I hope you can revive people while using it now, though.
Ok one more thing (for now), idk if this is correct but considering the EE achievement is to "discover the Giant", and the map takes place in Breslau, I have a feeling that the EE will behave like the Shangri-La EE and the field area is the former site of Der Riese! It would be so cool to time travel back to it and from it be able to access the four Die Rise areas. But again that's just a guess.
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The guy on Se7enSins got his info from someone on the official CoD boards. I don't think its real.
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He claims to have downloaded the DLC yet doesn't even offer a single screenshot...
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Possibly fake, but who cares?

Perhaps there's a degree of unnecessary pessimism here but I feel like Zombies in this game is a lost cause. To me, anyway. It's so far away from being good.
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Ughh, just go back to WaW/BO1-esque zombies.

Green Run is stupid and tedious after the first 3-4 times of playing it.
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well.. Some people really enjoy it, guys. I can agree, I'm getting a little bored with it (this is after playing OVER AND OVER AND OVER though) and my friend STILL hasn't gotten bored and he's been playing tranzit every day for hours the past week. I think it's a fun, challenging mode.
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From: Gbleek | #008
well.. Some people really enjoy it, guys. I can agree, I'm getting a little bored with it (this is after playing OVER AND OVER AND OVER though) and my friend STILL hasn't gotten bored and he's been playing tranzit every day for hours the past week. I think it's a fun, challenging mode.

Tranzit would be fine (and I would still play it occasionally) if it were an alternative mode. Tranzit as the main mode really ruined zombies for me.

Sure, you can just play on Village or whatever.. but it's nothing compared to the big Zombie maps (WITH eastereggs) that we've had before.
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The Tranzit style of maps is more fun but only if you're in a party of 4. One of things I liked about zombies is playing with randoms but doing that on Tranzit is basically impossible. I've had the most fun with Grief mode, hopefully the DLC map will support that.