Your KDR, Aim sensitivity and TV size

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4 years ago#11
Wow, interesting

So me playing a 6 on my 40 inch isn't going to feel like a 6 for you guys playing on a 30 inch TV, it's going to feel much faster

Mainly the correlation I'm trying to find is what a good KDR is in comparison to someones aim sensitivity
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4 years ago#12
some crappy 28 inch CRT
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4 years ago#13
4 years ago#14
K/d: 2.00
Sensitivity: 5
Tv: 42"
4 years ago#15
0.84 KDR
10 sensitivity
60 inch plasma screen
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4 years ago#16
Idk, whatever the default size is
28 inch
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4 years ago#17
K/D: 2.02
Sensitivity: 9
Size: 44"
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4 years ago#18
1.6-1.7(haven't checked in awile)

4/5 sensitivity

55 inch
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4 years ago#19
I posted

But depending on the gun/day I change sensitivity anywhere between 4-10. However 5 is what I use with my default class.
4 years ago#20

I've basically always used 4 (8 in this game) in the past games with success and on the same size TV, in BO I I had a 2.30 or something with the same setup, I just blow at this game for some reason -_-
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