Your KDR, Aim sensitivity and TV size

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4 years ago#21
32" Sony
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4 years ago#22
32 inch vizeo, 11, 1.98.
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4 years ago#23

45 inch Samsung D7000
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4 years ago#24
I feel like my sensitivity always seems higher in killcams or theater mode, but alot slower when im actually playing (its at 7).

I play on a 23" PC monitor, as i prefer to play console shooters on a smaller screen close up.

My KDR is only like 1.1 or something tho.
4 years ago#25
2.31 kill/death, 10 sensitivity, 50 inch vizio plasma
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4 years ago#26
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4 years ago#27


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4 years ago#28
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4 years ago#29
whatever default is
20 inch at work and 42 at home.

My kd could be better but I played a pile of objective games with a shotgun during double XP weekends and rushed like crazy to the objectives....
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4 years ago#30
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