Wishable and I would absolutely demolish anyone here in a 2v2 GB Var Scrim.

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I want to know why random terrible players are posting in this thread to begin with.

Why u so mad bro? Is it because you lost the debate?


Honestly, I know I'm a semi troll but just because you're a member of a little clique on gamefaqs doesn't give you the right to CONSTANTLY belittle other people.

I honestly only belittle people that deserve it. If you asked an incredibly stupid question or stated your awful opinion, prepare to be insulted.
An example was the guy who said buffing Sit Rep Pro was the best thing to happen to Modern Warfare 3. As a competitive player, you should understand how dumb that is.

So you thought is was an awesome idea?
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So no one will play me?
Just call me Thunder