Poll: Which will increase my KD ratio. Gamer Lotion or Gamer Gloves? Links.

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tranquilizerrr posted...
I get sweaty hands easily, always have. Gonna get some lotion.

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Wow. I expected a troll link. Those are actual products for sale.

Hold on while I weep for humanity.
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shadowsofdawn posted...
Wow. I expected a troll link. Those are actual products for sale.

Hold on while I weep for humanity.

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Power Glove
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Next issue:

Gamer swamp ass.
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From: donotfire | #020
Duwstai posted...
From: tranquilizerrr | #010
I get sweaty hands easily, always have. Gonna get some lotion.

Honestly I came into this topic to lol, but Im considering getting that stuff.

Not just for gaming, but for life. My hands are just constantly perspiring. The rest of me barely sweats at all unless Im like playing a full court basketball game or something. But my hands sweat even when Im sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing.

Wonder if it really works...

If you're going to get a product like that do yourself a favor and buy something like Liquid Grip. At least then you can say you use it to workout/play sports.

Thanks I will look into it.
#28slaveanselmoPosted 1/7/2013 3:25:43 PM
What is gamerfuel? Rebranded Mountain Dew?
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Gamer Lotion. Allows you to easily and quickly reward yourself when doing well, encouraging you to continue to do well.
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"GAM3R GLOV3S are here to boost your overall life experience! The unique design and material of the gloves provide much needed comfort as well as swag, giving you the competitive and mental advantage over anyone who does not have a pair. GAM3R GLOV3S caters to the needs of every gamer, athlete, model, and anyone else interested in comfort and style. The future standard has arrived… Get your GAM3R GLOV3S today!
The GLOV3S are snug, form fitting, lightweight, breathable, as well as keeping your hands warm to maintain blood flow therefor preventing any delayed reactions. With this design, it is not only to provide comfort, but also to maintain the texture and feel as if you were wearing nothing. The thumb has a double grip layer providing extra traction preventing slippage, blisters, and wear and tear to decrease those little slip ups and annoyances throughout your daily life. If any of these relate to you… Then don’t wait, Get your GAM3R GLOV3S Today!"

gamer lotion is better.
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