A good read for the "you care too much about your kd" kids and maybe all others

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NotoriousIy posted...
I play for fun..
o wait. I don't play this game. Because it's crap.

You going to be on MW3 later? lol
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I would never brag about my K/D ratio in a COD game unless I wanted to get laughed off the face of the Earth, now in more competitive and skillful shooters on the other hand............
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Cool read, thanks TC.
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Whether I agree or disagree is not worth my time...

But whoever wrote that was clearly havin a hissy fit over somethin. Read any single paragraph and you'll get it, but he decides to repeat it 25 times.
#65TheSpectrePosted 1/8/2013 11:16:57 AM
It has a point though. Saying "I play for fun" is a major cop out excuse when you lose. Everybody "plays for fun". Thats the whole damn point. Trying to dismiss the loss by citing the entire point of everyone playing to begin with is redundant and stupid. Saying "Oh well, I had fun though gg" is a much better and more sportsmanlike statement.
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From: trakrunr4evr | #061
NotoriousIy posted...
I play for fun..
o wait. I don't play this game. Because it's crap.

You going to be on MW3 later? lol

**** no. MW3 sucked ass. MW2 is awesome though. So is CoD4.
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#67BrostachePosted 1/8/2013 11:18:44 AM
sorry but people that care about k/d are no lifes and MLG wannabes. I got no problem getting hammered and tanking my K/D on the weekends. Because its fun and games should be played for fun.

Plus its funny when I do decide to tryhard and start beasting on people that think I suck.
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I play for fun, don't care about my k/d, but still want to be top player at the end of every match. I'm casual but still competitive.
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supercoolisaac posted...
Cornbread4life posted...
Ok fine, instead of saying I play for fun, I'll just tell the people who beat me and have 10 more DAYS of playtime than me that they are straight up no life losers. The article makes it seem like players who say that are saying it as a cop out or really mean it as an insult, but also assumes that people sugarcoat their insults on COD (which is obviously ridiculous). So fine, I won't say I play for fun, I'll just call the "competitive" people who beat me what they really are: losers with too much free time. Thanks article, you've inspired me to be a more direct a******.

If I did the same thing in basketball nobody'd bring up "no life" as an argument.

Omg you only can hit all of those three point shots in a row because you go down to the court and practice every day. You obviously have no life and if I put in that much time I'd be that good too.

Stay salty my friends.

The difference there is that basketball is a worthy pursuit and use of your time. But again, my post was dripping with sarcasm.
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One of the most poorly written, biased, terrible articles I think I've ever read.

TC, I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.