A good read for the "you care too much about your kd" kids and maybe all others

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this game IS casual
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lots of kooks on gamefaqs let me tell you. The article was great.
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The article referenced is pretty much what I expected. The logic jumps are astounding.

The author automatically assumes people who are bad are the ones saying "I play casually."

A decent portion of the community is great at the game but has no desire to pursue the competitive avenue of gaming.

I know many gamers such as myself enjoy video games as a spare time hobby, but we recognize there is no real pay off for playing other than personal gratification. I live in America. This isn't South Korea. In said country video games have been accepted into the culture to a point where the best players are idolized by society.

I think that's the main source of "I play for fun". Players could care less how good other people are. The goal is to play in a fantasy reality for an hour while the wife's out shopping with girlfriends (or whatever the case may be). If an individual has fun, it's personal time well spent.

I'll leave you with this point. Being good at video games (in the US at least) is a lot like pleasuring yourself. End of the day, you may be good at it, but you're the only person who's going to care.

This is exactly what the author of the blog was saying isn't it?

The author argues that when people say "I play for fun" they are inferring that people that are better at the game do not "play for fun." He argues that these more competitive people are indeed actually having fun and may even be having more fun.

He doesn't care what anyone does on their free time, or how anyone even plays their videogames. Remember, he is not talking about people that play games as their job.

video games (in the US at least) is a lot like pleasuring yourself. End of the day, you may be good at it, but you're the only person who's going to care.

Does this not also include people that are not good at videogames? You may play videogames less competitively, but at the end of the day, you're the only person who will care.

That is what I took from the whole article:
-If you are good or bad at videogames (non-pro) who else should care?
-If you are good or bad at basketball (non-pro) who else should care?
-Either way good and bad people have fun doing their hobbies, otherwise why would they spend so much time doing it?
-"I play for fun" is a stupid remark because it is already established that is what everyone is doing in the first place. By saying "I play for fun" you are attempting to distinguish yourself from everyone else in some way.

If someone at a park is playing basketball and says during a game "I only play for fun" they will get laughed at because it is stupid to announce that. EVERYONE is playing for fun, you are not special.

The same goes for videogames: Everyone is playing for fun. To say to anyone "I play for fun" means you are trying to distinguish yourself from everyone else in someway. The author of the article believes people are using "fun" as an excuse, because otherwise....why even say anything?

This, exactly.

I <3 you to pieces Amish, but I think you might have read the article too quickly.

The author is essentially steamed with the idea that video games are a waste of time and people who play a lot (and thus become good) are losers.
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If you play fighting games you've probably already came across this once but this is a pretty good article as well. I read it a LONG time before reading the article I posted, the article I posted uses a quote from it, and it's pretty good.

I suppose the people who whine about target finders and whichever gun and whichever attachment and whatever apply in "introducing the scrub" in addition to the "i play for fun" people.
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