Well if your getting the DLC say goodbye to your Diamond camo

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That'd be hilarious.

it's true David Vonderhaar tweeted it


He also tweeted after "JUST KIDDING"....it's just an smg
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no problem. i dont have any diamond classes yet
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My diamonds will only be gone for 2-3 hours.

I don't have diamond on any guns because I hate doing the Art of war challenges >.>
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I usually do the no perks and no attachments at the same time I usually go negative but its not that bad.
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Some of the laziest people on the planet lurk here.
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dammit he ruined the plan
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Doesn't matter, I have gold for all but two SMG's.
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No perks, no attach is not so bad except for weapons that I think really rely on perks to be good, like the swat, fal, msr, and m8a1 pretty much. That crap is hard without full auto cause one miss means you're dead.
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What's the big deal? It's camo. It's not that big of a deal. I JUST got Diamond Camo on my first weapons in this game. (LMGs) I wouldn't care if they added another LMG and I lose my diamond camo.
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Some of the laziest people on the planet lurk here.

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