So what do you think are the best weapons in zombies?

#21liam_000Posted 1/10/2013 4:30:23 AM
I prefer the hammr + ray gun up until round 30ish (after 30 the hammr just burns through ammo)

Then try and switch the Hammr out for the DSR, as stated before, once you get the irons its beast.

Although havent given the executioner a chance really, will try and get that today.
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#22ingo4Posted 1/10/2013 5:35:41 AM
Well I guess the best late game setup would be the DSR and the VoJ. With a point-getter (RPD, or HAMR) earlier on. Though I'm just not sure on the voice of justice namely because I'm not sure if it gets beat out on ammo cap. and damage by either porters or M&S. Could be better to go with a porters or mustang and sally. Honorable mention to the knuckles, the lower point-getters (galil, mtar, etc), bowie, monkeys. Of course this is on tranzit, the only map with (most) those weapons. Otherwise it pretty much goes to the ray gun and mustang and sally. With a point-getter on the side.
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#23Killmoves37Posted 1/10/2013 7:19:39 AM
PaP Executioner

I hate the Ray gun with a burning passion. The gun is not good and I cant understand why people love it so much. The shots dont even penetrate. and the splash damage with get you killed considering zombies also blow up now.