Video Game addiction. I think i have a problem

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User Info: Teh_5_Starz

4 years ago#31
Wow, i'm loving the vibe of this topic. Thanks to everyone who contributed so far. I feel i have learned alot
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User Info: colma919

4 years ago#32
Atleast you didn't do this with WoW...oh the regrets
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User Info: spacecowboy44

4 years ago#33
first of games should nvr come before real life....second i have a buddy with 8 days played and maxed you arent as bad as you think
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User Info: JanwayDaahl

4 years ago#34
OP try to think of it in terms of rates. Playing cod BO will only give you instrumental happiness to a certain level.

Overplaying it (no moderation) will mean that it affects your social life, and that is never good. Try to bite the bitter pill of moderation once in a while. Take a break for a few days, hang out with friends, take a walk outside... these things really do refresh you. I know the temptation to game non-stop, but the happiness achieved by any type of gaming is pretty marginal after a certain amount of time (for me, 4-5 hours).
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User Info: TheRisingSon

4 years ago#35
I'd recommend going out at least once a week if you have a problem with your social life. You'll never know what people or experiences you'll miss if you don't go out.

I have a great social life, a gorgeous fiancée and I play black ops 2 a lot anyway. Usually after work during the week though I've been consciously limiting the time I play so as not to suddenly find myself awake at 4:00am and still playing (which has happened a few times already).

User Info: Fvlakng

4 years ago#36
My take on this is a little radical. I am married and To be honest I have had a few arguments over COD playing time with the wife, and I have to say nothing in excess is good for you, even fun stuff. After playing BLOPS 1, I decided to skip COD every other year, and it's working better. I share your love for the game, and I too feel like playing non stop (I'm prestige 9 lvl 39, almost 9 days played). What I liked about skipping a year is that you not only have more time for life itself, but also, as a gamer, you have more time for other games. On a COD year, I just don't play anything else, don't watch too many movies, don't play with other devices, it's just COD day and night. I'm 36 btw

User Info: ThisIsMithos

4 years ago#37
I've felt addicted to games my whole life, probably because my parents pretty much sat me in front of a PS1 when I was around 7 to sort of act as a babysitter. Well, I'll be 23 in July, and I'm still into games. In fact, I sold EVERY game (minus one N64 game) a few months ago to see if I could handle life without gaming.

Having said that...the past few weeks, I mass purchased Gamecube and Wii games, as well as consoles for both.

I don't know about you guys, but I am sort of a perfectionist. I don't know if it's from gaming or what, but my mind thinks in black and white, never a gray area. What I mean is, I have an all or nothing mentality. If I didn't play a game for a while, I'd want to sell it. And if I go shopping for clothes, I buy everything I need at once, not just one thing.

My point is, one of my weaknesses has been finding that healthy moderation. That I can enjoy games AND go out from time to time, and still exercise and eat healthy and enjoy life.


TL;DR ---V

I don't know if this fits the bill for anyone, but I've found myself taking extremes. Remember, most things in moderation are perfectly fine. Just make sure what you do has a purpose and you do it in accordance with your priorities.

User Info: Double O Negro

Double O Negro
4 years ago#38
Sounds to me like you just want a GF... That's easily fixed just got to get outside and not be afraid to strike out every now and then. Games are for fun, I play rather than just veg out all day and watch TV when I've got nothing to do. Hell if you're lucky like me you'll find a GF that will feed your "addiction".
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User Info: BruceWayneJr

4 years ago#39
Me too, dude. Plus cocaine and alcohol.

User Info: AWarAmp84

4 years ago#40
The bottom line is, Xbox friends are not the same as real friends. Being good at videogames is NOT a turn on for women. I can only hope you realize these facts sooner rather than later. I've been on Xbox live longer than most(8-9years) and believe me when I tell you, don't take your real life friends/girlfriend for granted. Gaming is supposed to be a hobby, not your life. Play a couple hours a night during the week and actually go out on Friday/Saturday night. That's what I do and it's cool with the fiancé. Happy wife=happy life.
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