Video Game addiction. I think i have a problem

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Active lifestyle think of those 2 things when u do anything in life. Just because u didn't go hang out with a friend on Friday doesn't mean u can't on Saturday. A week or 2 won't make it seem like a lost cost just do other things in small rations and before u know it your gonna be back in society. That's how I do it and I even have someone who I'm getting addicted to games. Is about having fun and what makes u happy
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Yeah, you have a problem, im sure you have online friends but once you start blowing off real friends to play games, you have a problem, go, find sunshine, see a girl etc
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Cornbread4life posted...
4 days isn't terrible. The games been out for two months already right? That's an average of about an hour and a half a day.

He got the game 3 days ago.
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ThisIsMithos posted...
I've felt addicted to games my whole life, probably because my parents pretty much sat me in front of a PS1 when I was around 7 to sort of act as a babysitter.

Remember, most things in moderation are perfectly fine. Just make sure what you do has a purpose and you do it in accordance with your priorities.

I feel you. My parents did the same thing bro. They also never really let be out the house growing up, even into high school
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I love you