So what ever happened to zombies permaperks?

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I am still curious about this so called PHD Flopper perma perk. :/ Does anyone have it. Then I saw something regarding a Staminu Up Perma Perk too in some vids.
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wait perma stmin up and perma flopper? How?
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Wookie_Is_Back posted...
jonno888 posted...
Just go for headshots all the time.

Even on round 1 and even when you have insta-kill.

This way you'll always have the headshot perk.

If you shoot them in the head during IK, it doesn't count as a headshot in your stats.

I does.

Make sure their arm isn't covering their face.

With insta-kill on you will still get 100 points for a headshot and it does count in your stats.

The only way I lose the headshot perma-perk is if I use the ray gun too much.
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As far as I know, only 3 perks have been confirmed as "persistent"

Reveive- I've had revive since the first few days after the game came out and haven't lost it yet.

Boards Perk - I've gotten it, but comes and goes.

Deadshot - Never had it myself.