SPM is the only thing that matters as a measurement of skill.

#41JVel91Posted 1/13/2013 10:35:35 PM
MCGTP posted...
Someone with a 500+ SPM in Dom, KC, or Hardpoint, regardless of the K/D (although I don't see how one with that high of a SPM would have a terrible K/D), will at the very least contribute greatly to his team. In objective game modes, skill equates to playing the objective, playing smart (as in not racking up pointless deaths), and trying to carry the team to a win. So in this case, SPM is a measurement of skill.


Everyone else can go f*** themselves.
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on another note...someone has a 300spm but a 1.0 KD...they get on my team and go 20/21 or just barely float around even or like a lil kid go 20/30 but still have a high spm....HTF does that help....they put SPM in for all the tards that cant ever have a good KD because they dont play tactically... my KD is 2.2 and my SPM is 200...im getting all guns diamond so when im not Run N Gunnin my SPM drops. when im using SMG or a High ROF as a Run N Gun it will climb to continuously.

So basically what your saying is ppl that run n gun are the only ones who are good even if they cause the team to lose by going negative and giving the other team kills and you mainly fear getting rushed by said ppl because you have no sense of tactics or cant control your team.
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Thats for TDM and kill ranked games but even in objectives theres gonna be some guy laughing because your giving him a swarm or dogs etc which is gonna help carry there team to a win...but i would say anything above a 1.0/ high SPM, the higher the better is what matters in objectives....you still cant have someone dieng to much as that just helps the other team with game changing scorestreaks.