ITT: Your K/D, gamertag, and story behind your gamertag.

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3 years ago#21


Because I'm a tryhard? My original GT was MOJOJOJOLOL, back in the Halo 2, MW, days and at some point I changed it on a whim.
3 years ago#22
RiverofDenial posted...
1.78, but honestly, I've started to realize that K/D means absolutely nothing.

Gamertag is in my signature.
It used to be Pintsized Girl, because I thought it'd be funny to make people think that a little girl had just killed them, but I changed it because too many people actually thought I was a girl, and I got more attention than I wanted to.
Now it's River of Denial because it's punny, and there are almost no good names left out there that don't involve having to put random numbers or x's behind it to be available.

That is better than when my gt was xRepeatOffender. The comments I got for that one. Worst mistake ever.
We'll settle this with violence. Come on, give it all you got. We'll settle this with bullets. Go ahead, take your best shot.
3 years ago#23

Lt Dan 215

If u don't now where the names from watch a movie or two. Also thats my name and the numbers are my area code.
In real life there is no reset button.
3 years ago#24
1.7(last I checked)

I Hotfire I

My old Socom(1-2) clan had a requirement of having all clan members have Spanish names. It didn't matter how stupid the name was as long as it was Spanish. My name my fuego caliente, which translates to "hot fire".

Kept the name when I started playing on Xbox live.
Xbox tag- I Hotfire I
3 years ago#25

Named after the serial killer Arthur J. Shawcross also known as the Genesee River Killer. Was pretty much obsessed with serial killers as a teenager so chose one of their names for my gamertag 6 years ago.
I upload mundane videos
3 years ago#26
beiber 4ever
because i like attention
3 years ago#27
Haven't bothered to buy this game
GT: Hype Hated

Me and my friends all name changed to have Hype related GTs. Back in the good ol days when we could get a full groundwar team of just Hype players... and make people leave in fear. :D
Currently plays: CoD, Halo, Battlefield, Quake, Counter Strike, L4D, Killing Floor, Borderlands.
3 years ago#28
Hate House

idk tbh, sounded ok?
GT: Hate House
3 years ago#29


My brother made it when we first got out Xbox, his name is Isaac lol. The name kinda stuck.
"Persistence until excellence."
3 years ago#30

Pvt PorkSord

Story- it's funny
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