Let me Axe You Something Montage (Pretty Sick)

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4 years ago#1

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4 years ago#2
Not bad, what was the loadout on that CK build?
4 years ago#3
That's pretty good... for you being blind.

Honestly it was good. I liked and subbed. What's your setup for that throwing axe?
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4 years ago#4
You should have played a soundclip from Rochelle in L4D2 where she says Let me AXE you a question
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4 years ago#5
that was awesome
4 years ago#6
fairly well made, if people are gonna make stupid ass montages, follow this guys lead and put some effort into it.
4 years ago#7
This had some awesome editing in it. I wonder how many hours it took to get all that footage?
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4 years ago#8
That was absolutely amazing. Those combat axe kills were absolutely ridiculous! Also the music was awesome. I'm going to see them on Saturday for the 6th time and that just got me so pumped!
4 years ago#9
Devil Wolf posted...
that was awesome
4 years ago#10
I typically don't bother watching montages but this one was totally worth the time. Well edited, great song, and some genuinely sweet kills. My favorite part, however, was the guy in the comments blaming lag comp.

Also that it was uploaded on my birthday. Holler.
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