If you use any of the weapons mentioned in this topic, this advice will help.

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From: Gallis_OTK | #009
It normally does 35 damage, which is a three-shot kill already and nowhere near a two-shot kill.

MSMC does 40 max but has a long period of 33
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From: slaveanselmo | #010
Played some Core earlier with the M8 and either you can't do math or I can't do math because I neveronce got a one burst kill with that POS (to be fair I was running no perks/attachments, it isn't too bad of a gun but like everything else the gameplay kills it)

The M8 needs all four bullets to connect at close-medium range for a one-burst kill. At longer ranges it drops to 5 shots.

From: fatclemenza | #011
MSMC does 40 max but has a long period of 33

Oh, sorry. I guess it would technically benefit, but it would be at too long a range for this method to be useful.
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