lag compensation is the best feature to be added to call of duty

#1fosr_fourteenPosted 1/18/2013 3:29:32 AM
the only feature in the game which equalises all gameplay so that it is 100% fair for everyone, and everyone plays on an equal playing field. everything else in this game is like chess: where if you dont have the counter then you suffer, where as everyone deals with lag compensation so that its fair and balanced.
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Sure, on the PC version which has dedicated servers and no host.
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Lol. Funny thing is there are people that actually believe this.

People talk about COD being balanced in terms of weapons and perks and totally ignore the fact that connection advantage/disadvantages ensure it will never be balanced... especially in MW3 and this game.

The connection advantage you see in the gameplay videos posted on here is amazing, yet only a few people can see/admit it.
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Lag compensation ruins this game for me and is total BS. Anyone who says otherwise is just denying the truth or has bad internets. Like communism it's fine in theory, not so in practice.
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Lag overcompensation is the real problem.
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one hitmarker changes the whole course and possibly the outcome of any given game. tell me again about your stats?
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BansheeNTDmode posted...
Totally bs post TC. I run fiber optic internet yet people who are too cheap to pay for good internet have to leech off of my connection? They should pay me if i have to do bad because of mexicans jews

to cheap??? ughh. it's people like you. ah forget it.