So what prestige are you now?

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4 years ago#11
Prestige Master. Eight prestiges had influence from double XP weekends. Only three (because of zero prestige -> 1st prestige) had no help from double XP.
4 years ago#12
2, though I'm in the 50s now.

Got the game as a Christmas gift, only recently picked up an XBL subscription.
And you're right - the Prestige Master icon is ugly as sin.
4 years ago#13
Fifth Prestige Level 25.

I enjoy prestiging. It's pretty nice that you can still own with early equips (EMP nade, Black Hat, PDW, MTAR, Toughness, etc.).

I can't wait for Master, but I've used my unlocks on good stuff so I can coast to Master rather easily.
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4 years ago#14
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4 years ago#15
Still fifth. About to prestige.
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4 years ago#16
All Things Require Sacrifice.
4 years ago#17
Ollie The Magic Bum posted...
5th level 53
i cant bring myself to play this game unless i have a bunch of friends on. too frustrating.

This except I'm 7th prestige (I think) that shows how often i actually play...
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4 years ago#18
Not at a prestige yet (don't think I will this time), I was prestige master before I reset.
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4 years ago#19
Finishing 6th
4 years ago#20
Just reset this morning, currently zeroth prestige. Gave up diamond snipers, SMGs, ARs, LMGs, pistols, and specials. No regrets. :D
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