You know MW3 is bad when nobody is going back to it after the next installment.

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That community that went back to MW2 are just butt hurt that they can't face roll through multiplayer

lol people believe this

If you can play 1 CoD you can play them all

COD4 plays NOTHING like MW2
BO1&2 play nothing like MW2&3

MW2 is for people that need OP kill streaks to flash their bloated kdr
75% of that coming from killstreaks

sounds like someone sucked at MW2

MW2 was way easier than this game. >_>
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I agree. The Nuke did make mockery of objective games.
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The only time I went back was with Call of Duty 4. I hated World at War. Then again, I was extremely new to the series. I didn't start playing Call of Duty until a month before World at War came out. It felt like a step back to me. Modern Warfare 2 felt like a monumental step forward right up until people discovered overpowered setups. One-Man Army was a great idea, it was just abused.

When Black Ops came out, I loved the fact they took out Stopping Power. Looking back, they could have done a few other things right: leave out Second Chance, have a little more weapon diversity, and "earn" perks/attachments instead of unlocking them immediately. Even with Stopping Power missing some perk combinations were a little overpowered, Ghost Pro/Hacker Pro, Flak Jacket Pro/Tactical Mask Pro, Flak Jacket Pro/Second Chance Pro to name a few.

When Modern Warfare 3 came out, I didn't go back to Black Ops because I was addicted to Kill Confirmed and Specialist. I would usually rush to get a quick four or five kills, then slow things down and try to get the Specialist bonus. After I could finally get the Specialist bonus consistently, I felt unstoppable.

I haven't gone back to Modern Warfare 3 because I genuinely like this game. I stopped playing Modern Warfare 3 back in July, so I don't really see a point in going back to a game I haven't care to play in six months. At some point, I might pop it back in for nostalgia sake.
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I can't stand MW2. MW3 is great, the maps just look like poo. But they layout is great, and the MK14 is godly.
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I liked MW3 but will stick with this until I can't take it anymore- If the DLC is decent then I might be able to play this for awhile.
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I have every CoD installment ever made

Except MW3 which i sold on Ebay
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I still play MW3. Don't know what I'd do without a little Drop Zone in my life.
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Black Ops 2 made me appreciate MW3. Which is astounding considering how bad the maps were. Nothing tops this collection of garbage maps which found a way to be worse. Other than the occasional Stealth Bomber or some loser using Dead man's hand, it's a boring, yet ok game.
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I still play MW3. Don't know what I'd do without a little Drop Zone in my life.

Yeah I was playing some MW3 earlier.

Dom (with Specialist of course) is just so much better in that game... :)
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