What's your height / weight / KD

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  3. What's your height / weight / KD
2 years ago#31
im calvin johnson from the lions

see i can lie too
FACT if somehow everyone on gamefaqs was mailed a $100 bill, tons of topics would come up with people complaining that theirs was wrinkled
2 years ago#32
K now give me age and wingspan.
2 years ago#33
5'9, 105lbs, 21.....

1.13 :(
Official Cherry Garcia of the IDF
Official Lion Tamer of the NDF
2 years ago#34
6 foot 5 wingspan

20 years old
"Persistence until excellence."
2 years ago#35
280 lbs
.:The Elite Connection:.
2 years ago#36
1.0 k/d
370 spm
life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's like a jar of jalapenos. what you do today is going to burn your *** tomorrow
2 years ago#37
JammyBauer23 posted...

2 years ago#38
2 years ago#39
Wingspan? What is this gamefaqs combine?
2 years ago#40

110 lb

Not even positive
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  3. What's your height / weight / KD

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