Old zombies was better

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Link43130 posted...
tranzit > all

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WaW zombies Der Riese was the best
#43Upgrayedd69Posted 1/22/2013 10:23:06 AM
Traditional zombie maps started to bore the hell out of me. By shangri la and moon i was sick of camping here, or hoarding and running in circles there. It was the same deal with every map
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#44HDCasePosted 1/22/2013 10:45:18 AM
I like playing the maps separately in survival, without magic. I just wish there was a way to set a win condition, like survive x number of waves and you'd win.
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krazykiwikid posted...
Without a doubt - They purposely made tranzit/green run/ zombies complete crap in order to sell the more "classic" style DLC maps that will be coming out.

The ironic thing is, I'm so offended by how terrible they made zombies that I wont be buying any DLC at all.

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AU_Mister187 posted...
WaW zombies Der Riese was the best

This^ I just find Tranzit a chore to play.
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I just wish all you wanna be hardcore zombie players would just admit you are frustrated cuz you can't reach high levels with a team....right tad?

You are grasping pretty hard there aren't you? I have reached high levels on nearly every zombie map solo and with 4 people. Disliking tedious quests that involve not killing zombies makes me a wannabe hardcore zombie player?? I wish you guys would come to grips that not everyone shares your opinion, in fact the majority according to a poll I posted a while back shows 76% prefer the older style maps over Tranzit. Buncha hardcore wannabes I tell ya.

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#48LaFarinaPosted 1/22/2013 9:56:30 PM
I think the general consensus is that the old style is preferred. Some like this new style better, but like it's been said. it's a chore to play now.