Do the majority of people move onto the new DLCs?

#1Government_FoodPosted 1/19/2013 2:53:52 AM
Or do they stick to the original launch maps until the next CoD game?
#2acetunerPosted 1/19/2013 4:34:29 AM
Dont worry noobs and stuff will still be here.
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#3Government_Food(Topic Creator)Posted 1/19/2013 1:41:36 PM
I'm just wondering if I should spend $50 for the new DLC pack or get a new game.
#4TheMudkipManPosted 1/19/2013 1:47:04 PM
I wouldn't buy the season pass. Best case scenario, you gain 10 bucks over the course of 8 months. Worst case, you grow sick of the game in a month and effectively waste 35 bucks.

I still plan on buying the map packs until I find myself not enjoying the game. In case it comes sooner than later, I'd rather not have the money pre-spent.
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#5ManInBlack_77Posted 1/19/2013 1:56:07 PM
They will probably put up a DLC only list when it first comes out but they always just mix the new maps into the old ones so you will get both in the general playlist. If you don't have the new maps you won't get any when you search.

Also I'm pretty sure the DLC will not be $50. The SEASON PASS is $50, which is Nuketown 2025 for MP and zombies, and 3 planned DLC packs as they come out. Basically you're buying all the DLC up front in exchange for a small discount. The first pack by itself will be something like $15-$20
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