Vonderhaar on next title update: "Its a big one."

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4 years ago#41
I've been using the Executioner a lot recently. It's perfect for certain situations. It found its niche.


BUFF THE ASSAULT SHIELD!!!! Its atrocious in all ways. Fix the Fast Hands glitch with it!
Buff the S12 and M1216 just a little.
Buff SVU so it's a OSK silenced to the head and very upper chest.
Buff the ADS movement of AR's. Gimme .5 instead of .4 and they'll be more usable.
Buff Cold Blooded to make the TF not beep or turn red.
Buff Hardwired to make it useful.


Nerf the MSMC and the PDW a tad. Little more recoil, slight range nerf on MSMC.
Nerf the Select Fire FAL. Not 100% sure how.
Nerf pistols only a tad. They're the best weapon for CQC combat, which most of these maps are.
Nerf R870. A little more spread.
Nerf the Target Finder.
Nerf the shock charges. Good lord who's bad idea was that?!?!?
Nerf the Trolling Drone. That thing only finds the person on the streak.

Now, another thing I don't like is the fact the lower level killstreaks don't have much to hide you from them. HKD's are ridiculous, TC-XD's get me through Flak Jacket, nothing protects you from the Guardian, Sentry, or Lightning Strike. All the low level killstreaks have no counters. Escort drone, chopper, swarm, lodestar, all have counters... Who dreamt that up?

Not even going to address all the coding and usual 'wtf Treyarch' topics I see.
4 years ago#42
When is it if anybody knows? Around the time when the map pack comes out?
4 years ago#43
The guardian and sentry have no counters.....eh, mister emp will sort it for ye, the LS should stay were it is, you dont want it to turn into the WaW Mortars, worst KS ever
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Ewgh thats gotta hurt!
4 years ago#44
Possible get us dl some patch for the non-DLC users to play with the DLC users as DICE did with BF3. I am secretly hoping for FAL+SF nerf (another one) but I know it won't happen since BADderhaar has already told the pros they won't get the nerf even though all the pros cried their b*****ass eyes out.
4 years ago#45
IDefineSkill posted...
When is it if anybody knows? Around the time when the map pack comes out?

Im guessing it will be included with/at the same time as the DLC, less work for treyarch that way
Gamertag: BuSteD TramP
Ewgh thats gotta hurt!
4 years ago#46
ImTooSkilledd posted...
I recall Vondehaar saying that they are doing their buffs/nerfs based on weapon usage statistics...so I'd expect the really popular guns to probably get a little bit of a nerf, and guns that are hardly seen to get a buff.

Then again, you never know what they'll do.

I'm just going to laugh and bash my head into a very soft wall if the PDW and the MSMC get nerfed.
4 years ago#47
Am I the only one who thinks buffing/nerfing in response to complaints is ridiculous? It's never ending. At some point, I want to be playing a finished product. I don't care if it's perfect, I want to be able to rely on things behaving the same way. Title updates from here on out should focus solely on making the game more playable as a whole, not changing any particular gun/perk/attachment/whatever.
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4 years ago#48
LedMikeW posted...
I just diamonded my pistols (secret brag). I swear to god if they buff that POS executioner now that I'm done...

I will feel the exact same way I already do about this company actually.

This (referring to the the executioner part)
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4 years ago#49
Bad_Bricks posted...
Bad_Bricks posted...
So, no one wants to talk about the Dinosaurs? WTF is this a Scorestreak for Drone, aka Jurassic Park?

We all know the Velociraptor can open doors and **** !

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Les door opening Raptors? WTF???

So we are NOT going to talk about the Dinosaurs?
4 years ago#50
Dinosaurs are going to be more OP than the Peacekeeper. Just watch.
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