High level killstreaks you prefer

#11JonnywestsidePosted 1/20/2013 10:04:57 AM
I called in 3x Dogs/Swarms on Plaza before for a total of 17 kills. I was less than impressed.

Id get more kills with the Loadstar but wouldn't be on the ground grabbing tags to chain my streaks.
#12igashijinPosted 1/20/2013 12:26:58 PM
Warthog, Swarm; those two are my jams.

The warthog is superior to the lodestar in my opinion on the following grounds:

1- It's HARD to take out. Not only does it have flares, it moves very quickly and tends to stay out of sight.

2-It's automated (and does a pretty damn good job), enabling you to continue running around building your streak by eliminating stray survivors running for cover.

3. On some maps, the Warthog consistently kills the entire team every pass.

That said, I still love the Lodestar too.

The Swarm is just awesome. Free kills for DAYS.
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#13Tip_Your_MedicPosted 1/20/2013 12:32:30 PM
VSAT, Lodestar/dogs, swarm is the champion setup.

Once you geta vsat, you're pretty much golden to get the rest of your killstreak. It's just too good.

Lodestar/dogs is something that i typically swap between just because some maps (PLAZA) have huge ass structures that block the lode's view.

Swarm will pretty much cover every objective around the map for 45 seconds. blind eye is useless for protection unless they have a full team because green arrows have an amazing tendancy to take swarms up the ass and refuse to change classes. they will spawn on each other. and they will get caught in the crossfire.

VTOL is pretty much useless because of lodestar. Warthog is good for area denial in demo/dom/hardpoint but swarm tends to beat it out if you can get it.
#14chessmyantidrugPosted 1/20/2013 12:36:01 PM
Part of what makes the K9 Unit and Swarm so lethal is you can't end them early. The other team is forced to adjust. VTOL Warship, Lodestar, Warthog, etc. can all be shot down. I prefer running VSAT/EMP/K9 or VSAT/K9/Swarm.
#15SDCobalionPosted 1/20/2013 12:43:10 PM
chessmyantidrug posted...
Part of what makes the K9 Unit and Swarm so lethal is you can't end them early.

Uh, dogs can be killed pretty easily/avoided by climbing ladders and swarm can be either EMP'D or ignored by going in a building/using blind eye. None of what i've listed is hard to do.

I'm not saying that they should be totally uncounterable, but when the top scorestreaks get you 5 kills, thats not balanced at all, in fact thats pathetic.
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#16Tip_Your_MedicPosted 1/20/2013 12:44:12 PM(edited)
I dunno what you're playing where you regularly get <10 kills with dogs or swarm
#17SDCobalionPosted 1/20/2013 12:51:16 PM
Tip_Your_Medic posted...
I dunno what you're playing where you regularly get <10 kills with dogs or swarm

uh, not complete morons?

Anybody with half a brain on plaza would just climb the ladders when K9 is called in, put blind eye on and swarm is useless.

SO that leaves you with what the VSAT? But since they know you're coming, all they have to do is man the 2 access points on the roof a little bit of smart cover and wowza! your dogs and swarm got 0 kills! I bet you feel accomplished for wasting your time using something that a LStrike couldve got you more kills from.

An evenw hen you dont climb ladders to escape from dogs, they move slowly and are weakm one shotgun blast takes them out or a few bullets does. All you have to do is post up, watch a doorway and sha-daisy, your dog dies.

Oh and I summouned a warthog on carrier, got me 2 kills. 2 kills? He even got negative effects on carrier, CARRIER. How do you get negative effects on carrier? is the pilot stevie wonder?
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#18DRock76Posted 1/20/2013 1:20:28 PM
If I run stealth chopper, I'll use stealth/vsat or warthog/lodestar or swarm.

If I don't run stealth or lodestar, I'll use vsat/VTOL/dogs or swarm.

You can't use a VTOL when your stealth is in the air. Kind of lame.