Who's better. A solo player with a 2.0 or a player who always plays in a party..

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gunho7 posted...
The solo player doesn't have to battle his good team mates for kills and he doesn't have to worry about the other team getting smashed so hard they quit.

If they have the same spm the party player is better.

People act like players who play in groups can't do well solo, fact is tmost of them can hey can, but if they have friends online it's more fun and relaxing to play with them. It's also nice having someone to talk to when you're playing the game.

Spot on.
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Going solo and having good stats takes far more skill than being with a party. Solo you can't rely on anyone but yourself.

With a bare modicum of communication a party can completely stomp a lobby of randoms. You'll know when UAV's and such are going up, you'll know when airstrikes will be dropped on objectives, you'll know when people are going to rush the objective, you know where people will be on the map. A few simple call outs and the required map awareness and skill drops by a massive amount.
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I'd say the solo player is more impressive if he actually did carry the whole team, which I see some youtubers do (namely xcal). A one man army against a 4-6 man party pulling a win is always pretty exciting to see.

But stats alone don't really mean anything. Connection rules this game like an iron fist, so even the solo player can decimate a party with ease, assuming he has the connection and the competency to back it up.
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I've been on both sides of this and can tell you the party player is better.
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Playing with a party: VSATs for days.

Playing solo: get a double swarm and you still lose because 4/6 players on your team have a KD of 0.06 for the match.
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AaronHutch posted...
supercoolisaac posted...
2 k/d and barely over 1 w/l is terrible.

but when the average k/d is like .6 and a W/L of .2, ^those stats automatically make you an exceptional player

Don't spread false information about averages you know nothing about.

ive only accumulated 50+ days of playtime in CoD since Cod4 but what the hell do i know

I guess you know about the same as the thousands upon thousands of other players who have done the same.
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Neither. They're both equally terrible.
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shadowsofdawn posted...
Playing with a party: VSATs for days.

Playing solo: get a double swarm and you still lose because 4/6 players on your team have a KD of 0.06 for the match.

So true...
And the only downfall to solo play....randoms.
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I am mostly a solo player and have 1.15 KDR, 450 SPM, and 3.2 W/L (9th prestige so its over about 1000 games)

My KDR tanks basically to win, have been going through all game types to get the challange titles. (KC, Demo, Hardpoint, Dom minus trip cap, HQ aquired)

I go like 18-30 etc sometimes, but I never back out of a lobby unless the game decides to not join more, so if a clan is in stomping all the other randoms I stick it out that game and any further games (though I am pretty good at making parties rage).

I agree. If you are going 2.0+ as a solo player and not winning games you are not trying to win hard enough.

Stop camping, and try to win.
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I would say solo, for the fact the people in the parties are always the ones crying down their mic everytime you kill them, thinking they're better than they actually are
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