They need to do something about host dashboarding on Grief Zombies grrrrr

#1zeronemPosted 1/21/2013 4:14:54 PM
About 4 to 5 of my losses on both Grief Farm and Grief Town on my leaderboards are due to host dashboarding immediately or during a good grief game where they raged quit.

They need to change the programming where if the host dashboards it only counts as a loss to the host that dashboarded, instead of putting a loss on everyone that was in the game, as well penalize the host that dashboarded with a probation type punishment.

I don't mind if the host rage quits, just don't dashboard it. Quit it legitimately by pressing the start button and selecting "leave the game". When they quit the game like that, the hose will successfully migrate. But when the hosts dashboards, the game doesn't migrate it just stops completely and gives everyone a loss.

There has to be a way they can prog this in with an update.