Double XP This weekend:)

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Really? Usually it is double XP when the map pack comes out..not before it?
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No one at Treyarch ever has officially stated that more prestiges are being added... yet.

Theres source code for old BO prestige icons on the disc and why people think more may be added later along with those hacking videos for PS3 showing people at 12th prestige with the old 8th prestige icon.

Just started 9th prestige so I will be well into 10th by the time the weekend is over. Its too damn easy to level up in CoD games now.

you act like it was ever "hard" to prestige before, it just took time, that is all.

^ No it's definitely easier now.

Gun attachments don't reset for unless you prestige the weapon.
Gun Camo doesn't reset.
Unlock items that you can use without waiting.
Combat Training counts towards ranking up.
No Pro Perk challenges.

^ I don't mind any of that stuff either way, but getting to 10th prestige in this game is no where near as difficult/annoying/grinding/whatever as previous COD games... (especially WAW)

Quicker would be a better explanation than easier though. Thats what it is, faster, not easier.
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