Got a VSAT, checked the score board...

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QualiT posted...
I feel your pain.

I put a VSAT up and an EMP up and my teammates were getting destroyed. wtf...

Thats why I stopped running VSAT + EMP. Thats only good if you are in a party since randoms suck too bad to make the assist points worth it.
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xirishx posted...
With my experience in CoD over the last 4 years, I'm highly confident the average player does not ever look at the radar. Seriously.

On top of that, they have almost no situational awareness whatsoever. They don't notice teammate death skulls, they don't listen for audio cues of guns, explosions, deaths, callouts, etc, they don't pay attention to the kill feed. Nothing.

They simply wander aimlessly around the map until they see an enemy. Then they do their best to chase and shoot them. If they aren't successful, they blame lag or scream that whatever killed them is overpowered.

This.... so much this.