C/D: Call of Duty made a turn for the worse with the release of BO1

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BipBapBam posted...
BO1 is amazing. The series turned horrible with MW3.

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Technically, the Treyarch games have always been inferior to IW games in terms of net code and hit detection. COD3 was considered terrible and W@W was sub-par as well, but they were eclipsed by COD4 and MW2. We haven't had that since IW got fired and we've been stuck with laggy games ever since...
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I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and all, but man, How the hell could you guys possibly prefer 3ARC's games over IW's? I mean come on. The build alone of all the 3ARC games has always been inferior. The closest that 3ARC has ever come to having a build quality as good as MW2 was with BO2. And that took 3ARC two games to make.
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CoD4 - Ok but not balanced well
MW2 - Amazing, perfect gun balance
BO - Boring, almost every gun was an exact copy of another one
MW3 - Fun, good gun and perk balance aside from FMG-9s and the unpatched Type-95
BO2 - Amazing, perfect gun balance once again, most innovative in my opinion.
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Perfect gun balance in Black Ops 2? You have to be joking. Prior to the most recent patch, the guns were unbalanced to an almost comical degree.
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BO1 really marked the downhill start of the series, and has only gotten worse since then.