C/D: Call of Duty made a turn for the worse with the release of BO1

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Foxx3k posted...
It's Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 that drove the game away from allowing skilled players to beat unskilled players. Black Ops 2 took it to the extreme.

There aren't infinite restocking noob tubes in MW3 or BOII. MW3 and BOII have worse netcode than MW2. What does it matter how "skilled" you are at the most massively casual console shooter of all time when the other guy has a 250-500ms advantage over you? BOII doesn't have deathstreaks or a "Support Strike Package," is the least friendly CoD game to campers and increased the presence of the skill component in Public matchmaking.

So... where in this do you see the trend that MW2, MW3, and BOII allow unskilled players to defeat skilled ones when they're all fairly different?
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so.. we can all agree that every COD made by IW starting from MW2 has been horrible.. cool
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Nope. It was MW2 for sure, but the game itself doesn't deserve full blame. It did a lot of stuff well and admittedly was very fun sometimes, but with plenty of help from the Youtube community it kicked off a strong focus on killstreaks which has basically poisoned the gameplay ever since, imo. The obsession with stats and performance, sense of entitlement surrounding streak rewards, and overall obnoxiousness of the community all started very strong with MW2.

Black Ops is actually my favorite in the series, as it accommodates my preferred playstyle very well and downplayed killstreaks compared to the other post-W@W titles. Sadly, I am confident that BO1 Domination will remain the all-time high point of the CoD franchise for me.

MW3 was a mess that I would prefer not to dwell on any more than I already have. I've heard it was cleaned up quite a bit several months in, but I haven't gone back. I feel very similarly about BO2 for the time being, despite it being excellent on paper.
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Black Ops was the best one (IMO), only reason I quit it after only a month of playing was because I was just burnt out on CoD. That and I didn't want to renew my live since I switched to PC.
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BO1 is where the horrible, horrible hit detection started with Wanted style bullets. And the really boring selection of guns from a stats point of view that STILL managed to have broken guns.
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BipBapBam posted...
BO1 is amazing. The series turned horrible with MW3.

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MW2 was a brilliant game once the main bugs got fixed up, Black Ops was good enough but the hit detection was goddamn atrocious. I'd say the series really blew out at MW3, that's when it got horrible.
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Am I the only one who honestly prefers MW3 over this game? Not a typo, I really meant to write Modern Warfare 3.
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JP603 posted...
Am I the only one who honestly prefers MW3 over this game? Not a typo, I really meant to write Modern Warfare 3.

I prefer MW3 over BOII, but MW3 is still a garbage game tbh.
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I'd say MW3, even speaking as someone who greatly disliked MW2.