C/D: Call of Duty made a turn for the worse with the release of BO1

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lpfan4life0904 posted...
C. Ever since BO1 the whole dying even though you took cover, dying from bullets when you clearly walked around a corner and were no longer in sight.......

That's been in these games since at least CoD4.
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Why am I always late to these topics?

Anywho, the people who voted "D" are wrong.
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Halo_Forever posted...
My K/D in MW2 is nothing to even remotely brag about. And yours is still worse than mine.

Again with the K/D. I forgot that's all that matters to you. I love how you keep on forgetting that K/D doesn't tell much about how good you are. Unless you keep on forcing yourself to believe that.

Why augment bad campers in the first place? Also frag in MW2, seriously? Semtex is the way to go, even someone who loves killing campers with cooked frags will attest to that.

Uh, no? You are really overlooking the importance of cooking frags then. Even then, when I said "frag" I meant just nade them in general.

Ask IHOP, MW2 was a haven for headglitching, at least in BO most corner covers allowed you to see half the guy.

lol, yeah, because you can't think of any other spots than that one staircase that you keep on mentioning in every single argument. 5 true headglitch spots in the entire game is still better than boxes around every corner. Yeah you can see the guy, but whatever, the strategy involved in that game just got dumb because the cover is way too repetitive.
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BipBapBam posted...
BO1 is amazing. The series turned horrible with MW3.

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From: BipBapBam | #002
BO1 is amazing. The series turned horrible with MW3.

From: BipBapBam | #002
BO1 is amazing. The series turned horrible with MW3.

From: BipBapBam | #002
BO1 is amazing. The series turned horrible with MW3.

From: BipBapBam | #002
BO1 is amazing. The series turned horrible with MW3.

From: BipBapBam | #002
BO1 is amazing. The series turned horrible with MW3.

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This is the best CoD I've played.
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I also have an opinion.
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Both Black Ops are ****, MW3 is less ****, MW2 was great sans tubes. Deal with it you bads
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kennyindy posted...
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Confirm. One can say Deny but there's more evidence for a C. Remember how utterly s***** BO1 was at release (I was playing it on ps3 at release).

MW2 was the last cod where when you shot the enemy, they died. They didn't leap at you like a frog and shotgun you in the face or turn around and xXquicscopXx you.

Now if only they'd take out that s*** that they call one man army and danger close, then I'd probably play that game again.

The host would have the advantage in MW2 but it was still fair in the sense that if you're not host, you'd still fare a good chance against an enemy that isn't the host.

Ever since BO1, it's been a cluster****. You die first, then you see the enemy come around the corner and shoot. It's very brief but if you have a good eye and have been playing the series or just video games for a long time, it's easy to spot the BS.

Are you blind??? That's EXACTLY what they did! Quickscoping was at its absolute worst peak during MW2. Everyone was quickscoping, and with minimal practice, any average joe with 10 sensitivity could win any gunfight with a sniper rifle from any range against almost any weapon.

Also, the leap frogging and shotgunning you in the face didn't happen... But leap-frogging and STABBING you in the face happened ALL THE DAMN TIME on that game...

Seriously, nostalgia glasses must be in this year in regards to MW2...


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